Sister Love & National Sibling Day

During this time in quarantine, one factor is for sure, I'm driving my little sister up the wall. Ha! You might be asking yourself, "Wait, isn't it usually that the younger siblings drive the older ones crazy?" Nope. Not in this family. I have courageously taken on the challenge of being the one who annoys her sister on a daily basis. Believe me, it's a tough job, so I gotta get creative with how I'm going to produce my mischief. Although my sister might not approve of how much I peeve the love out of her, one concept is for sure, we both are so appreciative of the time we are getting to spend together and grow our sisterly bond.

As I was thinking about all the memories we have created over the years, there is one story in particular I love to share about us. In May 2017 my sister was turning 16 years young! I wanted to make sure she would remember her sweet 16 for years to come, so I planned a day trip to Portland. Being as we live in a small southern Oregon town called Klamath Falls, the drive to Portland takes about 5 hours, one way. We both didn't mind, we both love adventures and spontaneity.

On Sunday May 7th, 2017 we woke up at the about 4 in the morning, got our bags and headed out the door. Our first stop was a rest area past Albany, Oregon. We freshened up, put our makeup on and let our now glamorous selves drive to our next location: The Oregon Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon. The colorful fields along with my awesome iPhone picture taking skills made a great photo session for celebrating my mini me's birthday.

Time was rapidly running and after and hour we hopped back into my white 2002 Nissan Altima and headed for Portland. Once in the city, we went straight to the world-famous "Powell's Books" for my sister to search for all the books she wanted to gather knowledge from. By 1pm we were super hungry and knew the Cinco de Mayo celebration was happening at the Portland waterfront, so we ate there while checking out the activities. Upon eating, watching the beautiful Mexican folkloric performances and checking out the vendors, we decided we needed to wrap up the day to get back home, before night came.

After a full day of jokes, adventures, food, books, performances, and photo sessions, we headed back on hour 5 hour journey home to Klamath. We made sure to stop by the local Olive Garden in Eugene, Oregon for dinner, and ate it on the way home.

Our last official memory of that day was when we finally got to Klamath at around 10pm, I made a 5 minute pit stop at Walmart to buy a small cake and candles. When we finally got home, I opened up the cake box, added the candles and sang my little sister happy birthday. This was such a wonderful day for the both of us.

Having a little sister is awesome, but having such a great friendship and bond with her is even better. Happy National Sibling day!

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