People have consistently asked me why I decided to move to Mexico. Why didn't I just stay put in the career position that I had? Why didn't I stay in Klamath Falls? Why did I want to leave the country? Did I realize how hostile it is in Mexico? Didn't I know I was putting myself in danger if I moved to one of the biggest cities in the world? So many questions, and so many ways to verbalize my truth. Let me share with you...

My soul is one that consistently needs to be exposed to new things. My entire being lives for spontaneity; it's inspiration. I need new opportunities, new adventures and new excitement. I love new challenges but truth is, I get scared when I start seeing a routine. That's what started happening to me with my full time position. DON'T GET ME WRONG. I absolutely loved my job as an advisor for my kiddos. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had, and I hope that I was able to inspire at least one of my students to do their very best in what ever they are passionate about. During the whole time I was there, I gave every bit of hope, love and happiness I could into them so they knew they were appreciated, that there was someone there to help them. I am ever so grateful with the world for putting that opportunity into my path.

But, switching back on track to seeing my life as a routine, waking up, going to the gym, coming home, and getting ready for work, going to work, coming back from work, and getting ready to do that again the next day, over and over again was a bit intimidating. No matter how much I loved my job.There were times where I tended to think "Is this it? Is this how my life is going to look now?" I felt like I still have so much to offer the world, so much to live for, to prove myself and to the world.I kept feeling like I was missing something, and come to think of it, I was. I missed dancing. I hadn't been dancing for about 2 years. That's when I thought of one of the biggest dreams I've ever had. Dancing. <3 I still wanted to dance my heart out with the young years this courageously strong body of mine has left, to give the best dancing moves of her life.

And so I decided it. My independently free mighty self was moving because the roots to my dancing dream were right there in the lower center of the country known for it's tacos Al Pastor, called Mexico City (also known as Cuidad de Mexico, CDMX). I didn't because I can't live my life asking myself the question "What if?" I just can't. The fire in me won't let me do that to myself.

It wasn't an easy decision to make by any means. When I made up my mind that I was leaving, I knew I had to give up my position as an advisor, give up seeing my students, leave the community I had created for myself in Klamath, leave behind my seeing my family, my beautiful chihuahua, my sassy kitty cat, and the scariest part of all based on the society we are brought up on, give up on a steady income and look for other opportunities to earn my way through life. Did things go wrong before I officially left the US? Oh you bet they did! Did I have expenses that I didn't expect to have that dented my savings? Of course honey! That's just how life works.

After my decision was made, it was like life was like "Ok, you made this decision huh? You wanna be in Mexico huh? Aight, we gonna see just how motivated you are to keeping your decision!" And before you know it sudden issues with family arrises or some other completely random negative situation came along. I just thought "Well Damn." Life is going to do that to us. And I'm so glad that it does because it either helps us refocus and keep going, or scares us and holds us back. As soon as we decide on something with all of our might, life is going to come at us with unexpected obstacles to see just how hard we are going to work to make our vision a reality. It's humbling, it's emotional, it's intense, but it got me to focus even harder on what I wanted for myself, the life I want to live and the legacy I want to leave behind to my loved ones. Because pursuing your dreams takes huevos baby, big huevos.

You see, me making the decision to move to Mexico City and pursue one of my dreams isn't just for or about me. It is for all the people I am around, for all the people that I care for so much and that love me. I hope with all my being at least someone I know can see what I'm doing, acknowledge the steps I'm taking, the sacrifices I'm making and think to themselves "Karla is really doing it! I'mma do my best to focus on how to make my dreams too!" Wow, the day I get to hear something like that will be such a beautiful. That's what we need more of. More of that grit, less of that fear.

Now guess what, I overcame the obstacles that almost blocked me from moving to Mexico, and now I have new ones here in CDMX. But they are all helping me grow, because this dream thing is a process my loves. One pirouette, and one sway of my skirt at a time. <3

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